My mission is simple...

To bring happiness and smiles into your home and your life.

My superpowers are colour and pattern... And an almost annoying attention to detail.

I use them to create beautifully made products that are bright, colourful, bold, playful and unique.

I want ROH to make you feel happier and uplifted... And a bit brave!

Let's vanish the words dull, boring and uninspiring, and let's bring back the fun into the everyday.

Because our happiness goes hand in hand with what we surround ourselves with!

The road to ROH

Let me take you back in time for a second...

I was born in tropical Colombia. That was pretty lucky because it really is one of the most beautiful, abundant and colourful countries in the world.

I was also lucky to be brought up in an incredible and very inspiring family of architects, designers and painters.

So, stunning landscapes, plants, animals, colours, art, objects and living spaces were part of my life from day one.

Since I was a tiny person, I've been about imagining, inventing and creating things. I spent countless hours sitting next to my mum at her drawing table.

I loved designing everything from fashion collections, to lamps and furniture, to houses with insanely detailed interiors.

Love of pattern

I knew very early on that designing was my thing... designing things... all things!

This is why I spent my 20s and 30s studying and working in some of my favourite design fields – furniture, fashion, jewellery, packaging, graphics and web.

You can sometimes see the influence of all these in my current work, particularly graphic design.

I discovered the wonderful world of pattern design in 2011.

I stumbled on a blog all about print and pattern, and my brain exploded – What? You can make a living doing this? – I was instantly hooked.

My first ever pattern, of root vegetables, won a competition, and I knew I was onto something. I've kept at it since then.

Love of colour

But patterns without colour are just like... pizza without toppings!

I've always been surrounded by amazing colours.

The lushness of the gorgeous tropical nature while growing up, my grandad's paintings, the thousands of colour pens I've owned... And plenty more!

Colour is a hugely important part of my life. Surrounding myself with bright colours makes me immensely happy. So, I make it a priority.

Bright colours are the wind beneath my wings and my happy pill. But you might've guessed that already!