Done with cookie-cutter decor?

You've just landed in the right place!

Because at ROH we're firm believers in the power of surrounding ourselves with vibrant, colourful, and beautiful things.

Not only do they add some serious zing to our lives, but they can also boost our happiness and wellbeing.

So why not brighten up your space and your day with these beauties?

Your happiness will thank you for it!


The face behind ROH

I'm Veronica, a graphic designer turned surface pattern designer, originally from tropical Colombia and now living in lovely Cornwall.

After moving to England, the grey skies and dull weather started to get to me. I dreamed of my country's vibrancy and the bright and bold colours I grew up with. I was desperate for some sunshine, warmth and fun!

So, I decided to create my own little piece of Colombia right here, in the UK, through my colourful and unique prints and patterns.

Now I'm obsessed with making beautiful products bursting with life, energy, and of course, COLOUR. And honestly, life is just better when you're surrounded by things that make you happy and put a smile on your face!

Because, who wouldn't want to curl up on a sofa with a cushion that's as bright as a summer day or cook up a storm in an apron that's hotter than a jalapeño pepper?!

Have a wander

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